Talking To The IRS

April 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I recently read an article on the Wall Street Journal’s website that gave pointers on what to say (and what not to say) when dealing with the IRS.  Whether it be because you are being audited, or because you need to set up some type of payment plan for your taxes, having to deal with the IRS can prove to be nerve-wracking.  This article gave practical advice to make dealing with the IRS a little less stressful.  Rule number 1?  Never ignore the IRS.  If their notices are ignored enough, you may end up with a lien on your house or bank accounts.  Which leads me to rule number 2: communicate with the IRS, but don’t over-communicate.  Tell them what they need to know but don’t give away information that isn’t necessary.  Other important pieces of information that may prove helpful?  Always have documentation to back up your tax information, whether it be cancelled checks or receipts, and make sure you ask questions.  Often times, people will find that, if they ask, the IRS will make it clear what their options are and what they need to do. 

I found this article interesting because unlike some of the other articles that come out around tax season, this one actually gave suggestions on what to do if you DO end up being audited or needing to talk with the IRS.  Many other articles simply give advice on getting the best refund and looking for tax breaks when filing your return.


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