Summary of Posts

May 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

1/28/2011  “State of the Union Address”  Discussed the importance of Obama’s emphasis of togetherness and both political parties working together to accomplish health care reform and other innovative movements for America.

2/22/2011  “Solution to the Health Care Debate”  Looked at the possibility of treating health care benefits as taxable income and the benefits of adopting such a policy.

3/10/2011  “New Tax Break”  Discussed new tax rules that involve gift taxes and increasing the amount allowed for gift tax exemptions.

3/10/2011  “Will the Housing Market Ever Bounce Back?”  While spending seemed to be on the rise, the housing prices were still declining and for many people it seemed that any break in housing was coming too late.

4/6/2011  “End of  Tax Season”  I touched upon some last-minute tax tips offered by one article including certain audit triggers that people should be aware of as well as charitable contribution deductions that often go unused.

4/6/2011  “The Art of Deduction”  Using the tax code to get the most benefit out of tax deductions and exemptions.

4/6/2011   “Tax Reform”  Five problems that should be fixed by new tax reform, including lack of health care premium deductions and taxation of Social Security benefits.

4/28/2011  “Talking to the IRS”  Importance of communicating with the IRS over issues and not ignoring their attempts to contact you as well as tips on what to do once you are face to face with them.


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